Written by a former co-worker of mine in a style that I could only ever dream of producing. I loved it so much I had to preserve it for posterity…


It was a small meeting. Quiet, thoughtful. There were few of us around the fire, throwing shadows against the walls of the cave.

I arrived late, having barely had time to pull my ceremonial robes on. The others were already there, discussing the whithertos and wherefores of waffles. A discussion too far beyond my ken for me to contribute to.

And then our leader-that-was, ABS, communicated to us those messages from the depths of historic space-time, linking our minds with those of our kindred, unseen.

The importance of securing our work areas, that we may be safe from unfriendly daemons.

The shifting of our rewards from options to reserves, now and for the time to come.

He gave us words of comfort against the randomness of our selection for support duty, and promised his swift return when his own rotation was done.

He reviewed a call for brevity in our future missives to those outside the Circle, and the distinct lack of such for the most recent Time of Release.

He gave us leave to rebuff the last solicitor that dared enter our domain, and spoke praise for the great code merger to come. We dared whisper the word with him: Monorepo.

He told us of the demands from one of our allies for meta-knowledge about our delivered artifacts.

And, finally, he opened the floor to me. Though I am but new to the fold, to the mysteries of the kube and the dock, I was allowed to request help from my fellows in fulfilling the wishes of our clients in the greater world. None stepped forward, but I left assured of additional assistance at a later date.

Before I left, there were three more sacred matters to discuss. For ABS had finally banished many workers that were draining our coffers of much-needed coin, a feat which we praised. His next researches will lead him to summon temporary storage from the ether of space for our work, saving us much time.

The final matter seemed slight, but will impact us all. Our new vulnerability scrying tools will be sending their findings to all of us from now on. It will fall to our unworthy shoulders to separate the wheat from the chaff, to cull the irrelevantly mundane from the imminently useful.

And thus we adjourned, after saying the words and performing the gestures that would render the fire cold, and the cave dark.

Until the next time.

— Ron T.