I tend to write like I talk. I’m not big on imagery, flowery language, or deep symbolism, but can appreciate those that have the gift.

ChatGPT’s Analysis

After providing ChatGPT (v4 in April 2023) roughly a dozen samples of my own writing from different sources, I asked it to distill my writing style into a short description that I could use in a prompt later for generating additional writing. This is what it came up with:

This writing style is clear, concise, and technical in nature, with a focus on explaining complex ideas and processes in a straightforward manner. It avoids using overly complicated jargon, instead opting for simpler explanations that are easy to understand. The tone is professional and authoritative, but also approachable and engaging, with occasional use of humor and personal anecdotes. Overall, this style strikes a balance between being informative and entertaining, making it ideal for technical writing and communication.

I’ll start with that and see if I can refine it over time for generating text that sounds like me for future projects.


It doesn’t always work.