Simple processes and solutions can often be the most elegant and effective compared to their more complex counterparts.

  • Investment (One-Fund Portfolio)
  • Note taking

    Reason 3. in the book How to Take Smart Notes … Page 17 of 171

  • Cellular automata
  • Forming habits through consistency (Atomic Habits)
  • Use simple words to convey ideas to make them more accessible (don’t use “floccinaucinihilipilification”). But how simple is too simple? Vocabulary and jargon help to unify concepts into understanding, but can also be confusing. Richard Feynman quote about explaining concepts without the new words you just learned. Great presentation about the developing a language (Richard Joy?).
  • Saint Ex
  • First Principles Thinking
  • Occam’s Razor
  • The Rule of Three in programming keeps things simple (don’t add abstraction unnecessarily) until the crossover point where its value becomes evident.